Theatrical & Commercial Headshot Review

Having trouble finding your casting type?

  • 20 minutes
  • 29.99 US dollars
  • Email Correspondence & Type Casting Attachment

Service Description

This is not an acting class, but an interactive feedback email correspondence that I will make for you to understand your look for roles in your type. As a Headshot Photographer based in LA I take meetings with talent agents and casting directors about helping actors fit the market using their look, persona and type to get more attractive auditions. 1. Pick any Date/ time on website calendar. 2. Fill out the Contact Form. 3. Pay $26.99 feedback and deliverable fee. 4. I will be emailing you back with my business email once booked and you can WeTransfer your files, headshots or self tapes to me. What now? After I have received your materials, I will be emailing you back with the email you provided in the contact form and sharing with you a casting pitch presentation providing for you an in-depth interactive deck on why you are the type that you are at the beginning of your career. What will you be receiving from me inside the Type Casting Creative Brief? - Theatrical Headshot Breakdown: What's working? What's not? - Your Casting Type Breakdown Document - Hair/ Make up Style Guide - Headshot Style Guide - A full step by step process on what direction you should move in. In order to book more roles and get talent representation. I will be responding with in 48 - 72 hours. Testimonials: "Jonathan's feedback was very eye-opening and helped me see the potential for other directions I can take when it comes to my headshots. As someone who's fairly new to the industry, I found that his notes were structured, professional, and thorough. It's always beneficial to gain different perspectives, and constructive criticism especially from people in the industry, and I felt that Jonathan was able to provide just that!" - Erika W. Disclaimer: I will NOT repost your headshots of tapes anywhere online. If you would like me to repost your tape or headshots. You must have permission from the original headshot photographer and self tapes MUST be from films or TV shows that have already aired and not current projects in development or production. *the deck below is a brief example of the mood board sample files you will be getting back that will help you dress, style and visually look the part you want.

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